Real Climate Science with Intelligent Forecasts

Thousands of independent sources from across the world serve as the basis for these reports – historic documents written in numerous languages, weather reports translated from over a dozen languages, bathymetric charts going back decades, evidence in geological anomalies, broken and subducted tectonic plates, volcanic activity, quake activity, floods, sea temperatures, etc.

The true history of our Earth is not found in the geological timeline of billions of years and it is not found in the fake biblical timeline of 6,000 years.  The true history of our Earth is found in hundreds of historic documents from all across the world which are corroborated by hundreds of independent sources which include the locations, elevations and the abandonment of ancient architectural sites around the world, clues in statuary, medieval art, topographic maps and thousands of other independent sources from all across the world. .

For decades I’ve studied Physics, Chemistry and geological anomalies and historic documents.  I’ve monitored glacial melt around the world nearly 20 years – and have tracked the ice backward in time over six hundred years.  I’ve monitored quake and volcanic activity for years – including underwater volcanoes, the emerging volcanic islands all across the world, pumice floating on the oceans, etc. – this includes the monitoring of sea temperature anomalies in the Arctic, the Antarctic, the Arabian Sea, the Sea of Cortez, Hudson Bay, Baffin Bay, etc.

I’ve monitored record-breaking rainfall and raging flood waters across the world, which includes  the resulting soil saturation, landslides, sinkholes, fissures opening up in the Earth, train derailments, etc.

I also monitor record-breaking heatwaves, record-breaking wildfires, record-breaking hurricane force winds, record-breaking deaths from lightning strikes, etc., along with mass animal die-offs across the world, sea level rise and numerous other dynamic features of our changing Earth.

This data is updated with forecasts at

Most of my videos are unlisted but a review of the playlists reveals catastrophic devastation is escalating all across our world – those who want to survive have already packed and re-located – hope for the other 99.9999% is rapidly dwindling.


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